Consumer Alert for Select Vinyl Windows

In the last 15 to 20 years different manufacturers have come up with vinyl windows of all sorts. Some are passed along as energy efficient, cheaper when compared to other materials and importantly that they are durable. It is probably useful to say that I have fallen to this trap myself. I have actually installed one or two vinyl windows when they were first introduced around Chicago. Of course the sale people did their job very well. Riding by manufacturer claims on the several benefits consumers could get from installing vinyl windows, I got swept by the tide. In retrospect however and with the benefit of hindsight, I discovered a few truths.

Vinyl Window Manufacturers

There was the most purported claim about vinyl, that the windows were all energy efficient. The truth of the matter is that it is not all vinyl windows that are energy efficient in practice. I came to find that most vinyl windows were constructed with hollow extrusions that will normally provide very little when it comes to the R-value. You see the selling point for vinyl windows is that they have a high R-value which means more energy efficiency. This is the window’s ability to resist any heat transfer.

Some of the things that could cause your vinyl window not to be energy efficient is if the glazing was not done properly. How glazing was done will also depend on the kind of glass used versus what was supposed to be used in the first place. One of the most important elements in replacement windows is the weather stripping feature. How this is done will determine how best your window will perform. I came to find that some vinyl window manufacturers were not giving this key aspect the attention it deserved and therefore sold poor quality windows.

vinyl window manufacturer

vinyl window manufacturer

Another important aspect in vinyl windows is what kind of operating windows was used to put together the windows. Most often you find poor quality hardware was used when installing the windows so that once installation is done the window will not lock or close properly as required. This lack of foresight exposed me to different issues which came as a result of low optimum resistance from my windows to the weather elements.

The kind of poor quality being referred to here is mainly from low budget suppliers who get these equipment imported or fabricated to the lowest possible standard. This is so that they can also sell the equipment quite cheaply. In efforts to meet the demand for vinyl without incurring so much in terms of expenditure some vinyl manufacturers may have used these equipment to put together their windows.

You will rarely find that a supplier with a reputable known brand can stoop to such tactics. Because of this you find that once you have bought your vinyl windows from a shoddy manufacturer you will also have problems when looking for matching parts in the near future. When compared to other replacement windows material manufacturers like wood this has proven to be a process.

Tips to Find the Right Contractor

contractorsFinding an excellent contractor will make a lot of difference between getting the job done perfectly or getting a shoddy job. Before you hire a contractor for any home improvement activity, speak to at least three different contractors and confirm their sub-contracting and client references.

A lot of home owners find the aspect of getting the right contractor more difficult than even the actual work itself. Getting a competent enough person who will even be reliable to get the job done in time is very important. Having to install kitchen cabinets, a faucet in the bathroom or bringing down a wall will be quite easy once you get the right person for the job. This person should maintain the consistency they started with so as not to stall the project later or deliver poor quality work after starting on a high note.

We have all heard of stories about contractors who start a job leaving your house in a mess and they slow down the process so you are left with an eye sore for days or months to come. Stories have even been told of contractors who start a job on a low budget only for it to skyrocket to up to three times what you had originally agreed on. These stories are very common, and they will not end any time soon. You should be able to get an online review of contractors within your area which should guide you in making a decision and so that you do not also have such a story.

However, even if you get yourself a good contractor this does not mean that the job will not be stressful. This is because home improvement jobs can be quite expensive and more often than not you will run into unpleasant surprises that could make you doubt whether you are being conned, you could even consider suspending the project all together.

You could even be surprised at the overall state of your house which could be revealed in the form of rotting floorboards or pipes that are leaking or electrical wires that could pause a danger to you in future. When you have a good contractor he or she should be able to advice you on how to take care of these problems without it affecting your original budget so much. An unqualified or bad contractor would possibly take advantage of these scenarios so the work will extend and so that he will charge you more for labor costs.

Getting the best contractor will make a difference on how much your finances will be dented and the eventual success of your home improvement project. Of course it will be difficult to judge on the first hand what kind of a contractor you are getting. This is why it will be important for you to meet more than one person. It will also be important for you to confirm their references so you know exactly what you are getting.

Windows and Home Improvement in Northeast Ohio

Renovating your windows Northeast Ohio is a home improvement project that should come up at some point of living in your house. Before you start you need to find out what are your priorities in doing the window project. If it’s an issue of having a view, then you can settle for a fixed window what is also known as a picture window. But if you are renovating as a matter of air circulation then you should consider a casement window that will also open all the way. Another factor you should also consider is how much time you are willing to spend on doing touch ups on the window. If you opt for wooden frames be informed that you will have to scrape and paint it every once in a while. Windows that have vinyl require less input as they are low maintenance.

What materials? To renovate your windows there are four materials that you will keep hearing about: clad, aluminum, wood and vinyl. The beauty and attractiveness of wood is such that it will allow you to play around with its finishing so that you can match it with your interior décor like the baseboards and molding. What could go wrong with wood is that it can warp especially if it was not yet dry before it was installed, it is also vulnerable to rotting or infestation from wooden bugs that will eat away at the wood and wood is generally expensive to buy.

Zen Windows Cleveland | Replacement Windows

replacement windows in clevelandZen Windows Cleveland, LLC is known for replacing windows in the Cleveland and surrounding areas. They have a couple of specials on Clad windows which are window frames made of a wooden frame but can be coated with either vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass. This material can tolerate any kind of weather and it will not require any paint jobs. Aluminum windows are very light, are resistant to both rust and mildew and are a preference of contractors because they offer such a clean finish. The cheapest material here is vinyl and is also the most popular because it is not only highly durable but it is also resistant to moisture. It is an excellent material to build with in humid and coastal climates. Its management is also quite easy, do not consider painting it.

You need to be aware: that in basements and bedrooms you will be required to have at least one window that will be big enough for someone to fit as an escape route. This is a requirement by the fire code and is an expectation from your house.

Your windows need to be properly installed so hiring a qualified licensed contractor is also important. Different contractors will charge differently but the prices should not vary so much, when you see a variation find out what makes it so different from the rest or just forget about it. to install a 24 by 48 inch vinyl window prices should at least start from $75 while a wooden window that is custom made to your preference of the same size should cost you anything from $1,000.

Working with a professional like Zen Windows Cleveland, LLC will ensure you get real value for your money.

Improving Your Homes Entry Door

When you want to change your door start by having a professional measure the exact width, height, thickness of the initial door. Door thickness have a standard that range between 1 3/8 and 2 ¼ inches. In case you want to increase the size to a larger door or maybe you want to add the sidelights, these are those windows on the sides of your door, you will also have to change the size of the original frame. If you have stucco or brick opening these may prove a bit hard to change but a wooden door frame should easily be adjusted and fit fairly easily.

Materials and Maintenance
When you want to replace your door, you need to think about the type of door you want to have and how much maintenance will go into it. If you do not mind doing a touch up with a coat of paint or staining once a while then wooden doors are the thing for you. You can add glass inserts or a speakeasy opening which is basically that small door within your door that will let you peek through it while still maintaining some privacy. Wooden doors are best held in place with rustic iron nails.

Fiberglass Door
Another type of material to consider for renovating your door is fiberglass which looks like wood and is an excellent material for insulation. It is also quite easy to maintain. Another material, steel, is quite affordable and can come in any color you want, and if you get tired of that color you can repaint. The only thing with steel is that it can dent which is rare unless you have a lot of heavy duty work within your home.

A factor to consider before deciding on the material is where the door will be placed or location. If it is in a location that it will be exposed to the sun then the door will get a beating and cause the door to crack or the finishing to fade. This is mainly the case for wooden doors.

front entry doorBy the way: when you are ordering your door you need to specify which side it will be opening on. This is because you do not want to receive a door that is opening to the right when your door was opening to the left. How you know whether it is right or left is by checking where the handle or knob is located. Have you also thought about some of the hard ware that the door will come with like keys? If you find that keys are quite cumbersome or that you lose them quite often then consider settling for a biometric lock which should cost about $200 and your fingerprints will be programmed to it so that before opening or locking the door you will just be required to place your finger onto it. To have your door installed this should set you back to about $150. Ask around for expert advice and installation.